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Pastor Jon spent the last 2 weeks in Quarantine which highlighted the value of having a plan, leadership, and making Q-land count.

Pastor Jon gives 5 helpful tips on peacemaking. He quotes and uses The Peace Making Pastor by Alfred Poirier during this podcast.

Four key principles for moving into 2021. 

Covid is crazy and I had to do a lot of changing, researching, and organizing to navigate 2020. By God's grace, I saw growth in myself and in our ministry. Now that 2021 has rolled...

In this episode, Jon talks about the Rona and how your family ministry can prepare. Also, he discusses a cheap option for live feed (IK Multimedia iRig Pre Mic Preamp into Tablet a...

On this episode, Jon discusses VBS preview day, his wednesday night, and the upcoming family guides for Easter.

 On this episode, Jon covers his experience at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, Wednesday Night Gathering, Games, Gospel Convos and so much more!

Hey Folks! On todays episode, Jon discusses the over all plans for the Student Ministry for their Spring semester!

Student Christmas Party!

On this episode, Jon discusses what they are doing for their Student Christmas Party! Season 2 of the Startup Family Pastor begins in January! Thanks for the support!

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